tisdag 18 maj 2010

måndag 17 maj 2010

Wild Youth - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello folks! I'm back with this bang.
It's a live tape from Chippenham Tech College 8/5/81.
It's so rare that it is not always stated in the BLuurG Tape's discography.
Well, the fact i have is that it is from the place above, and this time I
did not cut the mid-talking-crap off, cause this might be so rare this might be the last time this will be up for share - SO SHARE IT WIDELY so I can download it back next time my computer chose to make suicide cause of too much power (or dust) to the fans or whatever.,..

As it says on the cover - the last track have *Dick* shouting, and if you don't know who Dick is, common!, get a life!!

This line-up was according to the tape cover:
Steve - guitar + voice
Ron - Drums
? - Bass

If someone could give me more info about this or the band, please et me know here.
Or at least give me a fanx or something, it took me several hours to sort out why the tape snapped/broke at my first attempt to rip this tape and found out it was put
together by some cunt that doesn't know how to refurnish a tape, even though this sad fuck (bought it from ebay) included a D.I.Y. how to to blah blah...

What an idiot. The first song is totally trashed and there is no way it could be
saved, cause if it was i should have known a way to. So - the first song is cut-in
and i can't do anything about it, IF SOMEONE HAVE THIS SONG - please let me know...

I am also aware that my belowed site 'UK82 Bandlist' is out of reach, it is because the servers is down, and my several attempts to registrer a new account to other 'free' shitholes, it turn out just to be some SHIT!.

Therefore, i will not do any updates, corrections or anything to the site no more until i get a decent place to put it up to. It's a bloody shame cause i just got the all time high best update to add for the 'PAX VOBISCUM' section with full scans, mp3's and all...

When I get a new webbie PAX VOBISCUM will be up first for sure.


(no scans to avoid bootlegs...)

lördag 1 maj 2010

Barbed Wire

I'm too lazy today as well. Related to Ugen Kampf etc. Get it below: