tisdag 18 maj 2010

måndag 17 maj 2010

Wild Youth - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello folks! I'm back with this bang.
It's a live tape from Chippenham Tech College 8/5/81.
It's so rare that it is not always stated in the BLuurG Tape's discography.
Well, the fact i have is that it is from the place above, and this time I
did not cut the mid-talking-crap off, cause this might be so rare this might be the last time this will be up for share - SO SHARE IT WIDELY so I can download it back next time my computer chose to make suicide cause of too much power (or dust) to the fans or whatever.,..

As it says on the cover - the last track have *Dick* shouting, and if you don't know who Dick is, common!, get a life!!

This line-up was according to the tape cover:
Steve - guitar + voice
Ron - Drums
? - Bass

If someone could give me more info about this or the band, please et me know here.
Or at least give me a fanx or something, it took me several hours to sort out why the tape snapped/broke at my first attempt to rip this tape and found out it was put
together by some cunt that doesn't know how to refurnish a tape, even though this sad fuck (bought it from ebay) included a D.I.Y. how to to blah blah...

What an idiot. The first song is totally trashed and there is no way it could be
saved, cause if it was i should have known a way to. So - the first song is cut-in
and i can't do anything about it, IF SOMEONE HAVE THIS SONG - please let me know...

I am also aware that my belowed site 'UK82 Bandlist' is out of reach, it is because the servers is down, and my several attempts to registrer a new account to other 'free' shitholes, it turn out just to be some SHIT!.

Therefore, i will not do any updates, corrections or anything to the site no more until i get a decent place to put it up to. It's a bloody shame cause i just got the all time high best update to add for the 'PAX VOBISCUM' section with full scans, mp3's and all...

When I get a new webbie PAX VOBISCUM will be up first for sure.


(no scans to avoid bootlegs...)

lördag 1 maj 2010

Barbed Wire

I'm too lazy today as well. Related to Ugen Kampf etc. Get it below:


söndag 28 februari 2010

Society's Victims

I'm too lazy too write anything today.

This is the English band


söndag 21 februari 2010

1st Rock And Dole E.P.

V/A 7" from Consett. 2 punk bands and 2 new wave

Look for yourself...

If anyone have info about the bands, I would like to have some of it.


fredag 19 februari 2010

Here's a rare split flexi for you. The first track is performed by CHRONIC and the title is No Time. My copy had lot's of pops and shit at the beginning of the track, so I replaced it for some downloaded one instead. Don't know where I got that one from, and I really don't give a shit. I'm just happy I didn't have to pay the £100
for it as it reached, as I think, last summer or likely on eBay. And this copy didn't have a shitty copied cover made in five minutes through the computer.
(or was that the copy on eBay BEFORE the £100 one I mentioned? Who cares?.)


Anyway. Obviously the bands on this record shared some members and came from Bradford. LIVING DEAD (which perform the 2nd track 'Procession'), is not to be mistaken as 'THE Living Dead', Stoke-On-Trent band, which had a spin on the Endangered Musik V/A 7" 'Fight Back' in '85. LIVING DEAD also released a demotape in '82, which I've never heard (I'm curious about that one, so rip that one for me please ;). It is of course about bloody time someone rip 'THE Living Dead's (S-O-T for you who missed that 'THE' again in the band-title), demo-tape "Death Threat" which was recorded in '83 or '84. There were of course more U.K. bands named Living Dead in the 80's, (as I believe some early stage of Polemic (Attack)/Tears Of Destruction etc for example).

Other stuff I managed to hear by CHRONIC is a track on the V/A Enemies Of The State LP (song 'Who Cares'), and a track on the V/A Raw War tape (song 'Terror Squad').
More CHRONIC stuff would of course be appreciated as well!.